5,000 years of Asian history has given us a food culture that is all about the quality of life; understanding that great food brings health and that good health is the doorway to success and happiness. Great food is our joy and our passion.

Kansom Australia Pty Ltd was incorporated in 1985 as a marketer and producer of Australian luxury seafoods of the highest Asian cultural significance.


The Company, located in Melbourne, has a modern process facility with state of the art equipment allowing for a wide range of processing applications. This is supported by a team of highly qualified Food Scientists constantly seeking to improve processes and design new and exciting products.


The Sales and Marketing team has many years experience in International markets and are able to communicate fluently in many languages.

Kansom has strategically located itself on the edge of the great Southern Ocean. This gives us access to one of the last remaining wild resources of Abalone which is a most imporant seafood that holds the highest prestige throughout Asia. Our purpose is to bring rare items such as abalone,

which are rich in tradition, culture and health, into the 21st Century by giving consumers the opportunity to share in the experience of this delicacy.

Through innovation we have prepared these products to make them ready to eat and convenient,


Natural and certainly delicious

During its long history, the Company has established a reputation as “The innovator” investing heavily in science and technology to deliver the most natural, nutritious and convenient products possible. The world’s first commercial ‘real’ abalone sauce is one of our many successful global


Kansom’s investment in the science of food processing does not mean producing with chemicals. For us it means the opposite. We aim to deliver the most natural, chemical free product for those clients demanding the very best.

Our Milestones

1985 Kansom Established

1985 First shipment to Hong Kong

1992 World's 1st Commercial Abalone Sauce

2017 World’s 1st Abalone Craft Beer

Contact Us

6 Fink St, Kensington Victoria Australia 3031

Tel: +61 3 9376 5000

Fax: +61 3 9372 1198

Email: kansom@kansom.com