Apollo Bay Fisherman's Co-Op


The coastal region around Apollo Bay is a rich fishing ground for well managed and sustainable Southern Rock Lobster, Abalone, Gummy Shark, and other fin fish. The Apollo Bay Co-Op is positioned on the famous and scenic Great Ocean Road, two thirds the way to the popular tourist destination, the 12 Apostles. It offers visitors the opportunity to rest on the journey and to enjoy the freshest seafood straight from the local waters.

Kansom Australia Pty Ltd is a member of the Co-Operative and holds a place on the Board. We work to add value to the Co-Op through innovative product design such as environmentally responsible and sustainable Shark Fin products and local Abalone.

Gummy Shark is a Government Managed commercial fishery which supplies the domestic market and is mainly used for the iconic meal, “Fish & Chips”.  To minimise waste and strengthen the ecological responsibility of the shark fishery these small fins are processed into various products suitable for human consumption.  This gives lovers of Shark Fin soup a clear opportunity to enjoy this traditional cuisine with the comfort of knowing it is an ethical and sustainable product.  The Australian Government and Fishing Industry is opposed to finning of shark and disposal of the body.  It is illegal under Australian Fisheries regulations. For more information regarding ecologically sustainable shark, click here.

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