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Our Products are “Ready to Eat”. This means that we have cooked the Abalone to perfection, for your convenience and enjoyment. There is no need for extra cooking. Extra cooking will cause loss of flavour, weight, texture, and nutrition. We have made Abalone as easy as possible to enjoy, as well as tasty and healthy.

To eat our Natural Abalone in Retorted Pouch or Canned Abalone in Brine, simply remove the Abalone from the pouch or can. The liquid in the pouch is the natural juice of the Abalone, and you can keep and set aside both it and the brine for the can and use in your everyday cooking. It is an excellent complement that can be used in cooking to give additional flavour. Slice the Abalone into thin slices and serve with your meal.

To eat our Canned Abalone in Seasoning products, simply remove the Abalone from the pouch and can. Pour the seasoning into a microwave proof dish, and heat in the microwave. Slice the Abalone into thin slices and serve with your meal, then pour the delicious heated seasoning over the Abalone to serve.

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Not sure what to eat with our Abalone? Abalone goes with a lot of different styles and types of food. To help you get started you can try serving Abalone with:

  • Serve together with a plate of your favourite vegetables, whether steamed or stir fried.

  • Abalone is great to garnish on the top of your favourite salad or soup, giving your salad or soup extra texture and taste. You can also mix in some of our Sea Sauces, to enhance the dressing and flavour of your salad or soup dish.

  • Abalone complements well with any rice dish – steamed, fried rice, porridge or congee. Simply arrange so slices of Abalone are on the top of a bowl of rice and drizzle with your seasoning or our Sea Sauces. The steam from the rice, will help to heat the Abalone.

  • Sliced Abalone is great as a cold dish with a mix of different sashimi and cold seafood, or on sushi. Great for dipping into soy sauce, seasoning, dipping sauces, or with one of our Sea Sauces.

  • You can also try Abalone with some yummy pasta. Simply add the Sliced Abalone on top of a plate of your favourite cooked pasta and sauce to serve.

To get more inspiration, or look at our recipes using our different Abalone products:

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Eating Abalone
Eating Abalone
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