Kansom Philosophy

Luxury through honesty and simplicity.

We all need a reason for being and Kansom’s reason is simple.  To serve you with the best possible seafood in the most pure and convenient way.  Nature made these foods perfect in every way and it is our responsibility to give you the best experience.  All natural!  No chemicals! 

As close to fresh as humanly possible. Healthy and delicious.

Here at Kansom we passionately believe that we are connected to this planet as though it is an extension of our physical and mental selves.  Anything that we abuse eventually impacts on us directly.  Our health depends on how we care for our body and our mind. 


Good food,

good exercise,

good friends,

good life.

If we look after nature

it will look after us.

Our food is full of love and passion.

Contact Us

6 Fink Street,


3031 Victoria 



Tel:      +61 3 9376 5000

Fax:     +61 3 9372 1198

Email: kansom@kansom.com