Percentage fat intake per day

Percentage cholestrol intake per day

High intake of saturated fat, which is associated with high blood total and LDL ("Bad" type) cholesterol levels, may increase the risk for cardiovascular disease, according to Dietary Guidelines for Americansfrom USDA. Major sources of saturated fatty acids in diet includes pork (24% of max. daily saturated fat intake) and beef (10%). Abalone only contributes to 1%, which is very low as compared with other food in your daily intake.

Some people think abalone is very high in cholesterol but it is not true. According to nutrition facts from Calorie Count, USDA, FSANZ, and China's health research institution, cholesterol level in abalone is much lower than that in king prawn, octopus and cuttlefish, and is similar to those contained in beef, pork and chicken in your daily intake.


Cholesterol in food is called dietary cholesterol. Eating food high in dietary cholesterol actually only has a small impact on blood cholesterol in most people. High blood cholesterol level, especially the 'bad' type (LDL), are mainly caused by eating food high in saturated fat and transfat.

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