Pure Abalone Extract

Many extracts and sauces claim to be ‘All Natural' Analysis of many commercial extracts often show very little content of the main ingredient claimed and are likely to be a combination of high levels of salt and chemical flavourings.


Our dedication to innovation and excellence has meant a long love affair with the real flavour essence of Wild Australian Abalone. We’ve extracted the pure, complex and rare flavour from the Abalone (Awabi Kimo) and concentrated it to liquid form.


Kansom uses modern technology to produce a 32 deg brix concentrated pure Abalone Extract and 52 deg brix blended concentrate.  This is the ultimate in all-natural abalone flavour for ingredient use.  The 32 brix is a heat sterilised product packed in cans and the 52 brix is packed in 5 litre bulk flexible packs.


You can now add value and the prestigious image associated with Abalone without limitation to your product line. It can be easily added to sauces, soups, broths, dressings condiments, confectionery and health drinks. The intense flavour is also ideal for dumplings, pastries, pasta and other bakery products.

  • 100% All Natural

  • 3 times concentrated

  • No sand

  • Can be spray or drum dried

  • Highly miscible in water (will mix easily to form homogenous/uniform solution)

  • Non shear sensitive (can withstand vigorous agitation/stirring)